Encaustic Art project with kids and seniors

From 0 years to 100!- an art project with encaustic

Year 2017 was a special year to me- my homecountry Finland celebrated 100 years independency. This was a big happening in Finland and the Finnish State invited all out of the country living Finnish people to celebrate together worlwide. They also organized a cultureproject ”Finland 100” and invited people apply with projects. I applied with Project ”Transit”. (read more at portfolio ”Transit”). The same year planned Upplands Väsby Municipality their part of the celebration because in this suburd to Stockholm, 8% of the population have their origin in Finland. Municipality arranged  different kinds of cultural happenings during the year. One of them was initiated by Swedish-Finnish school (Ruotsinsuomalainen koulu) : ”0-100 year, revitalization of finnish language across generational boundaries” , an art project with me as an artistical leader. Students between 7-15 years from Swedish-Finnish School participated with seniors at ages 60-88 in creativ meetings with encaustic art. Both groups met first by themselves to learn the technics in encaustic low heat working, and then was the great times with together! As kids and seniors met with this creative media, all were at the same starting point , because none of them had never tried encaustic with iron, stylus and Hot Plate…so there were many happy laughs! Every group got Finnish sentences to use as inspiration and create a painting out of that together, also using only finnish language. It was a fun task they thought!

The project was highlighted in media- Swedish local news came and made a long reportage about our project, articles were published at Minority paper ”Ruotsinsuomalainen lehti” and local paper. The whole project was then exhibited with ”Transit” at Väsby Art Hall in their small studio in coffeeroom between Arthall Rooms.

I was exited about this project and it still gives me happy feelings to remember it!

The project was funded by ISOFI, the Institute for Language -and Folklore (Institutet för Språk -och folkminnen). Project leaders were Sonja Tigonen and Mari Forsberg, I was artistical consult and leader.




augusti 12, 2018