Paintings- Wax Resin Art

From the year 2013 I have been painting wholetime in Encaustic Art. I began with working with iron and low-heat tools and colours, but soon found out that my passion lied in creating art in Wax Resin Art, also sometimes called as ”American style encaustic art”. Only thing american in it is that many of tutors and colour manufacturors are in USA. It was hard to find colours in Europe, likewise tools and education. After some hard trying I found instructions how to make colour by myself, using european lowheat colours and own medium with Dammar Harts (Resin) , before they began to sell american colours R&F in Sweden. Nowadays I both create my colours, but also buy R&F handmade quality waxcolours for encaustic use. I also have tried some of Enkaustikos colours and I love their quality, unfortunately only sold in USA so far.

I yearned to learn more, so I went outboards to learn technics and get my  Certification in encaustic education  by Encaustic Arts International 2014. I have studied with Lora Murphy and Laura Esciova several times. I got my Certification  after being tutored and tested by Laura Esciova for Encaustic Arts International.

Encaustic Art is an old Art form , already in use by egyptians. Most famous are Fayum -portraits which were made for to remember the dead and make them alive again, in kind of hope of eternal life. Also earliest icons were made in encaustic (which comes from the greek word of ”to burn in”, as you burn the colour on the wooden board).

Here on my website you can see some of my encaustic paintings, some in also closeup.


augusti 8, 2018