Transit/Välitila-artproject 2017

Year 2017 was a year of independency celebration in Finland. In 2015 I was asked to lead an artproject which would involve artists from Sweden and Finland to a celebration and artexhibition and events that would give finnish language and culture place in Upplands Väsby cultural life under 2017. I then created an artproject which was released 11th november 2017 in Väsby Konsthall (Arthall). I was also participating as an artist. The whole artevent was executed with help of the Finnish municipality work in Upplands Väsby , also the Libarary and Culture house Messingen was involved. We had two great exhibitions : ”Vardagens alkemi” (The Alchemy of everyday life) by Jaana Partanen, and ”Transit/Välitila”, by artists Age-Elisa Riekkinen, Olga Malytcheva, Valeri Nuija, Salla Vartiainen, Sinikka Hämäläinen and me. The theathergroup ”Uusi teatteri” visited us with two shows for children, Singer Anna Fält gave us both a consert and songworkshop, Writer Maarit Turtiainen lectured us about swedish-finnish litterature and trained us increative writing. Here follow some pics from our exhibition and all the events too.


februari 28, 2017